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Regenerating Local Ecosystems through Self-Reliance
Permaculture Introduction Course

15 – 20 June 2021


Course Description
In a holistic and interactive way we will learn about the Permaculture design and its ethics, principles.
In a small group and with lots of hands-on experience we discover some of the basics of vegetable
gardening, water management and forest gardening. Apart from that, the course focuses on the
potential of regenerating local ecosystems in times of climate instability. At the end of the course, you
will look at landscapes with different eyes, know how to start a no-dig garden bed, and enjoy making
great compost. Course language will be English, with the possibility to switch to German.

Über den Rahmen



Verbindungskultur e.V. Gelände 

Hohlenstein 34, 88693 Deggenhausertal



Dienstag, 15. Juni ab 16:30 Uhr bis Sonntag Mittag

Teilnahmegebühr: 250 - 500€ Sliding Scale (je nach Möglichkeiten)

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Verbindungskultur e.V.

Sparkasse Salem-Heiligenberg

IBAN: DE07690517250002059228




The Costs cover the course fee, three organic plantbased meals a day and accommodation. Paying towards the higher end of the sliding scale allows us to welcome people to join this course with
limited financial means. We don't want money to
be an obstacle, please contact us in case you
cannot find yourself on this scale.

Cooking and Organizational support by Annabelle
Vegan, seasonal, local and healthy. Annabelle has been organizing and cooking for bigger and smaller
groups, from big food-waste events to holistic courses, for over 5 years now. Apart from that she
organizes non-formal education courses and teaches (Acro)Yoga.

The Team

the permaculture input is facilitated by Roos Derks
Roos covers most of her needs with permaculture based
gardening since 4 years. She teaches the Permaculture module at the Ecovillage Design Education in Glarisegg (CH) since 2019, and is currently studying to become a Permaculture designer at the German Permaculture Academy. Apart from that, Roos organizes events in the realm of Social Permaculture. She is especially enthusiastic about no-dig gardening and the power of good compost. Her guitar playing and sing along songs will accompany us during the breaks and around the campfire in the evenings.



Questions on e-mail to Roos: rkderks@gmail.com


Sign-up latest 1st of June on



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